Be The Healthiest Family on the Block!

Hawthorn Healing Center's Generational Wellness Membership is the place where you and your family take charge of your healthcare. Enjoy the amazing portal of resources, health programs, monthly health content, and opportunity for private health consultations with Dr. Elizabeth Taddiken, Licensed Naturopathic Physician. Dr. Taddiken brings over 20 years of natural family healthcare knowledge, diagnosis, and treatment. At Hawthorn Healing Center our mission is to guide you to "Be the Healthiest Family on the Block!"

Improve Your Life

What value would you place on really improving your life through feeling empowered to take care of your health when sick or preventively?

What would you save in time, money, and energy to take care of yourself and your family in an empowered way with all the tools and guidance you need at your fingertips?

Hawthorn Healing Center is a hub of knowledge, tools, and guidance to live a life of optimal health and happiness.

Dr. Elizabeth and her team are here to help you take back your healthcare, and learn to advocate for yourself and your family. You are the only one who knows your body and health best.

Improve your life through

empowered optimal health!







Generational Wellness Membership

At Hawthorn Healing Center, we have a virtual health space with opportunities to join in-person retreats coming soon!

By joining the members space you will have access to our virtual Healing and Learning Center.

Included in the Member Portal you will find:


Monthly webinars, group coaching, live and replay options


Access to Dr. Elizabeth's Healthy Living programs!

New programs posted regularly


Health resources and guides


Private Blog with tips, recipes, exercise guidance, and more!


Meal Plans


20% discount on Professional Quality Supplements


10% discount on 1:1 Wellness Consultations    

Balance Body & Mind

Learn the most effective and useful ways to balance both the body and mind. A foundation of optimal health.

Healthy Daily Life

The Foundations of Health resources, along with programs to guide your progress are transformational.

Nutrition Strategies

Meal plans that address all types of lifestyles and goals. Working 1:1 with Dr. Taddiken and her team can hone this in even more so.

Workout Routines

Not all diets work for everyone, and neither do all workout routines. Let's figure out what is right for YOU!

Generational Wellness Blog

Members have full access to the informative wellness blog! See sample posts below!

Generational Foundations of Health

Our Foundations of Health are the framework that hold up our healthy body. When we are in good shape from the foundations, a small sway here and there outside of that won't blow this body "house" down! Learn optimal ways to support you and your family so that you can enjoy as much out of life as possible while staying supported and healthy.

Habits for Longer Life

We are only as healthy as our habits. Building in vital habits from a young age teaches children the optimal state of health and anchors the understanding for life. When building healthy families, it is important to build our own habits first in order to pass those along to our children. Learn more about healthy habits, and how to build and maintain those for a lifetime.

Mind, Body, and Spirit Health

As humans, we are in optimal health when our mind, body, and spirit are in optimal order as a working unit. Learn about techniques and tools to support all three components of this optimal health unit.

Welcome to the Generational Wellness Membership

Give yourself the opportunity to be the healthiest you can be, naturally! When you give yourself this opportunity, then you also share the habits, foundations, and techniques with your family. This gives you the best chance to Be the Healthiest Family on the Block!

Dr. Elizabeth and her team look forward to sharing all there is to take back your health and live an optimally healthy life. Join the Generational Wellness Membership today, and let's reach your health goals!

Click on the speaker to hear the video above, and to learn more about how Hawthorn Healing Center and the Generational Wellness Membership can support you and your family!

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Generational Wellness Meal Plans

Enjoy dozens of "done for you" meal plans and recipes to support your health goals. Dr. Elizabeth and her team have developed numerous meal plans over the years to support her patients while healing from various health conditions. She would produce individual plans that turned out to be practical for many of her patients. She is happy to offer all of those now through the Hawthorn Healing Center's Generational Wellness Membership.

Quick, easy, and delicious meals that can typically be made in less than an hour!

Healthy food for the whole family!

Sign up today for this wonderful wellness opportunity.



Quick and Easy

Family Friendly

Condition Specific

Healthy Snacks

Healthy food

Healthy life

A natural way of improving your health.

Enjoy a number of new recipes weekly.

Enhancing the personal healing experience.

A Whole New Way to Take Your Vitamins.

Smoothie Recipes Loaded with Superfoods.

Meal plans to meet any health goals.

Healthy Desserts.

Plans that can work with intermittent fasting.

Detox and cleanse protocols.

Because You Matter

Dr. Elizabeth developed this membership to assist families interested in taking control of their health care and enjoying optimal health. Enjoy the many resources, programs, and new health webinars each month. These will continue to provide you with the information needed to easily BE THE HEALTHIEST FAMILY ON THE BLOCK, Naturally!

Can't wait to meet you inside the membership!

Natural Family Home Remedies

Learn how to take care of your family and community naturally with healing modalities like nutrition, herbs, and homeopathy. Know that you are receiving expert knowledge from Dr. Elizabeth who has taught hundreds of patients on how to take their own optimal health back.

Individualized Health

As a Naturopathic Medical Doctor, protocols are not considered highly when it comes to treating patients in clinic. I focus on the individual and how they are presenting uniquely with a condition. We can delve into your unique case if you wish with discounted 1:1 visits during your membership.

Health Resources and Guides

Live life optimally! Enjoy knowing that you are able to take back your health care. Make informed decisions to have the best outcomes for you and your family's health. We have numerous resources and guides to support your home healthcare, home treatments, and nutrition. Start teaching your children now, so they can grow up knowing what it is to have true healthCARE. Involving your children in good habits from the beginning helps to build the best outcomes for your whole family's future!

Monthly Webinars, Group Coaching, Live Replays

Each month members will get a new webinar to join live or follow the replay. Topics will be wide ranging from different health conditions, healthy living, and accountability.

Private Blog

Generational Members receive the contents of the private monthly blog with current news, health tips, and recipes.

Weekly Meal Plans

Generational Wellness Members enjoy weekly meal plans that have been curated by Dr. Taddiken to be optimal for a number of health conditions ranging from obesity, cardiovascular conditions, diabetes, and more! She has also developed a number of cleanse plans and fertility menus to support those who are working on detox or preconception prep!

1:1 Consulations and Supplement discounts

As an Generational Wellness Member you get the opportunity to work through all the self-paced care provided, but also can recieve a 10% discount on 1:1 Consultations with Dr. Taddiken should you need more individualized guidance. You will also have the 20% discount from the professional lines of supplements that Dr. Taddiken provides to her patients.



Switching to Dr. Taddiken as my primary care physician has been an incredible experience. I felt as if she really listened to and addressed my health concerns. She is great at communicating and very accommodating. I highly recommend her!


Dr. Taddiken is one of the best doctors I’ve consulted with. She listens carefully to what you need as a patient and really gets to the root cause of your problem. She’s very knowledgeable and passionate about helping people live better, healthy lives and doesn’t measure effort to get you feeling your best. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a compassionate and one of the top naturopathic doctors


After two unsuccessful treatments by my primary care physician, I decided to visit Dr Taddiken and I am so grateful I did. She took her time in diagnosing me, asking me all the right questions and sorted me out with the correct treatment. I only wish I'd visited her first. My husband and I now call her first with any ailments or questions we have. I highly recommend her.

Still Unsure?

Remember, it's the Foundations you set in place that make the biggest difference in your optimal health. Staying consistent in your habits and continuing to meet your health goals will keep you on the track to a very happy and healthy future.

Join the Hawthorn Healing Center Membership today to enjoy all the benefits of natural expert health tips and techniques, as well as group accountability calls while you are meeting your goals.


Go Natural

Schedule Exercise

Live Optimally

Do You Have Questions? Please Go Through 'Frequently Asked Questions' First

Most questions can be addressed here, however, if you are still having difficulty finding an answer then please contact us.

Is this membership for me even if I don't have a family yet, or it's just me?

Yes! This membership is to help build healthy families, but we know that those come in many different packages! If you are interested in building a strong, naturally healthy, body, mind, and spirit, then you have come to the right place!

Is this right for me if I'm only starting out on a health journey?

Yes! The Hawthorn Healing Center Membership and Virtual space is primarily an education portal, with options for health consultations with Dr. Elizabeth. It is recommended that you have a primary care physician of some sort who you are working with as well in order to ensure your best health outcomes. Taking back your health means you will have all the tools at your disposal to make the best decisions for you and your family. That means you might need to visit your doctor at times, but often times we can handle many health concerns ourselves with the right tools at home. You will learn those in this membership, and still know when you need to visit the doctor. When you have strong foundations of health in place, seeing the doctor becomes much less common for many people.

Do I have access to all of the programs in this membership?

If you choose the annual membership, then you will have access to all the accompanying programs as well as any new programs that come with that. When you choose the basic membership, you will be able to purchase programs individually for the price they are listed.

Are there refunds available?

Refunds are not available for this membership, however, you will have the ability to pause your membership as needed. Get started again at any time when you are ready to continue achieving your optimal health goals. If you are having difficulty with navigating the membership even after going through the welcome details, please contact us to assist you.

Are there self-testing options available? And what is self-testing?

Yes! Hawthorn Healing Center and Dr. Elizabeth have a number of self-testing options that you can choose from. Find these on the member testing section.

The Self-Testing option is a number of labs that Dr. Elizabeth is connected with. These are great for helping to understand your biochemical health which is a determinant of your organ functions.

What are the supplement options available?

As a member of Hawthorn Healing Center, you are given the opportunity to purchase the highest quality professional supplement lines. These are available through Fullscript, Doctor Supplement Store, Cell Core, and other options as they are partnered with the Hawthorn Healing Center. All of these options will be available in the HHC Store.

Ready to Secure Your Family's Legacy of Wellness?

Join our Generational Health Membership today and embark on a transformative journey towards a lifetime of well-being for you and your loved ones.

Unlock Exclusive Benefits:

  • Access to cutting-edge health programs designed to support every generation.

  • Monthly webinars featuring expert insights and actionable tips for optimal family wellness.

  • Community-driven group coaching sessions for shared growth and support.

  • Dive into our comprehensive health resources, including guides, recipes, and exclusive discounts.

  • Personalized support tailored to the unique needs of each family member.

Your family's health is your legacy. Seize the opportunity to make it a lasting one. Join our Generational Health Membership now and embark on a legacy of wellness that will span generations.

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